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Why you should wear an automatic watch?

Battery-operated watches have been the custom of use for many years. More recently, however, artisans have begun to resurrect the old-world charms of mechanical watches, but with certain new world innovations—then came the birth of the automatic watch.

Automatic watches could be either manual or self-winding. More often than not, self-winding watches are more common these days than manual, though quartz watches are what is still considered to be the norm. Aside from getting the rustic charm of a self-winding watch, what are the benefits of getting one as opposed to getting a normal, battery-operated quartz watch?

(Hvenshi watch)

  • No need for battery

The obvious advantage of automatic watch is unnecessary for batteries . The operation mechanism is provided energy by the movement of user's hands. That means changing battery for the watch is none of your business. Not using batteries also ceases the risk of battery fluid leakage, which possible rust the inside watch system. Adding to that, frequent battery change possibly cost you amount of money whether it is considerable or not.

  • Bring different and classic feeling

Wristwatches are not only timekeepers but also high-grade accessories. With delicate design and eye-catching appearance, this item contributes considerably to trendy outfits. In addition, for those who love vintage style, automatic watch bearing ancient romantic beaty can be the amazing item in their collection

  • Lasts a Lifetime

The most important benefit a self-winding watch has over standard quartz watches is that self-winding watches last generally longer than quartz watches—decades longer, even more. The use of batteries increases the chances of accumulating dust, rust, and leakage inside the mechanism, while self-winding watches do not have such possibilities. Also, self-winding watches have a better chance of restarting itself even after being stopped for a long time than most quartz watches today.

That is not to say that self-winding watches do not break or wear down. If left stopped for an extreme length of time, even self-winding watches will have the chance to not restart properly. The difference with this is that fixing a stopped self-winding watch is easier than fixing a stopped quartz watch. In most cases, a stopped self-winding watch will usually need nothing more than a new oiling of parts, whereas a quartz watch might need a new mechanism altogether.

  • Time Will Tell

Between a quartz watch and an automatic watch, it is true that there are not that many differences. Getting one from the other will all come down to which is more preferred by the buyer or not, because if the owner of a watch is exceptionally careful—whether it be manual, automatic or battery-operated—then he or she can be sure that he or she will have a timepiece that will tell the time for years to come.