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The material that makes up the Quartz apparatus

The material that constitutes the Quartz apparatus is quartz, plastic, quartz, synthetic quartz, etc. The quartz is very hard, usually colorless but there are many forms found in many different places, There are different colors, often appearing near quarries.

Mechanism of Quartz operation
1. First, the clock battery will send electrical energy to the quartz crystal through the electronic circuit, making the quartz oscillate with a specific frequency of 32768 Hz vibrating per second.
2. Electronic circuits count vibrations and use them to generate electrical impulses in a second.
3. The electrical impulses are displayed on the watch screen. If the clock is powered by a needle, it will pick up the pedal motor.
4. The engine will make the pedals rotate, impact on the gear inside the watch.
5. The rotating gear that follows the clock hands will rotate on the dial, namely the second hand, the hour hand and the minute hand.

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