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How to Clean Gold Plated Watches

Cleaning is quite necessary to preserve a watch to keep it good-looking and functional as long as possible. Grab the following steps to keep your watch clean as always.

Method 1: Clean it with a damp cotton ball
Prepare a soft cotton cloth or barely moistened cotton ball. Make it wet and rub it carefully over the band. Don't make the inside of the watch get wet!

Method 2:
- Spot clean with toothpaste.
- Carefully rub the toothpaste over the spots, gently but firmly cleaning them.
- Moisten a cotton ball or clean cloth and touch it the watch, making sure all the toothpaste is removed.

Just with a few basic steps, you can transform the dull watch into a new version. Really excellent, isn't it? Let's try on your watch and see amazing results now.