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Should women wear a right or left hand watch?

   Watches are always jewelry of all genders and ages. The watch is not only a tool for us to watch the time, but also a jewel for women to become more luxurious and aristocratic. So when you pay attention to the people around you wear a watch on your left or right, and girls should wear a watch that is beautiful, when wearing a watch on the left or right, what will mean? In fact, the number of people wearing a watch with their left hand is far more than the number of people wearing their right wrist, so why are some people still wearing their right wrist? The following article will help our sisters find out which watch should girls wear and the meaning around it.

Should women wear a right or left hand watch?According to statistics as well as research has shown that, most people whether men or women still tend to wear left hand than right hand. But wearing a watch also relies on many other factors that affect:

  • According to customs and culture: Did you know that, in some countries, the wearing of jewelry such as gold, silver ... in any hand has specific regulations. For example, in Ireland, all rings, watches and rings must be worn on the right hand.
  • Depending on which handedness: Each watch has the clock knob, winding. That is why women often wear watches in the hand opposite the dominant hand, easy to turn the knob, winding. Moreover, the absence of a watch in the dominant hand also helps the wearer not reduce the sense of entanglement, easier to work.
  • Habits and personal preferences: This is the most important factor to decide which watch to wear. Many people often wear watches on the right hand to drive to make the time easier, there are many others who view the watch as just a nice fashion accessory to wear so they wear any wrist with them, as long as they see beautiful and convenient

Watches are always a piece of jewelry to show a part of your personality, showing your personality. It is this key that is important, whichever wrist wear depends on your comfort and liking. To be slightly different, many girls can wear a right hand watch or turn the dial upwards instead of into the wrist as most people usually wear. Sometimes these slightly different things are the highlight and add charm to our girls.