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Should buy Japanese or Swiss watches?

Should buy Japanese or Swiss watches? A question of many people wondering when first consulting to choose to buy the most optimal watch.

Currently, in the world watch market, Swiss watches and Japanese watches are the two "rivals" that have dominated and occupied the top of the watch market share for decades.

While Switzerland has long been known as the cradle of the watch industry in the world with long-standing watch brands that are renowned for quality and fine craftsmanship like Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, ... Japan, although a late birthplace of the art of manufacturing wristwatches, also created a breakthrough, rocking the Swiss watch industry and achieved success. outstanding achievement.

If compared with the brand value, popularity and history of the brand, the Swiss watch outperforms the brand born in Japan.

Swiss watches have proved extremely skilled in watchmaking since the early 19th century and have long dominated the World watch market for nearly two centuries with the "senior" classes in Watchmaker like Patek Philippe, Longines, Omega, Tissot, ...

Japan, until the 1960s in the 20th century, when Seiko created a quartz battery-powered watch that worked much more reliably and accurately than classic mechanical watches. , which made a big splash in the World watch market, and the policy of mass producing high-tech watches at low prices, broke the monopoly of Swiss watches for hundreds of years.

You can't help but remember the famous names of Swiss watch brands such as Rolex, Omega, Longines, Tissot, Patek Phillips ... when Swiss watches are often associated with important global events, or when be trusted and introduced from celebrities, from successful people with great prestige and worldwide influence.

Swiss watches are geared towards "art" and "caste", focusing primarily on the art of fine craftsmanship and fine craftsmanship, while also taking advantage of The most advanced watch material. Therefore, each watch has a glamorous, lavish and classic elegance that is distinctive

Swiss watches can be both a time update tool and a jewel to prove wealth and class.

Japanese watches, since seeing the high prices and the overwhelming prestige of Swiss watchmakers, know that it is very difficult to beat Switzerland on the battlefield of high-end watches, aware of the watch market. mid-range and low-end is also a very lucrative market that Swiss watches rarely pay attention to, Japan decided to launch and produce a series of high-tech watches with low prices to fit the budget. consumers.

Japan focuses on the words "pragmatic" and "multi-function", performing the production of watches in mass by technology, so the Japanese watches are very durable and convenient, true " a watch is just a simple item to update the time in the most convenient way ”.


In fact, both sides are constantly researching and improving to complete the apparatus, have invented quite unique mechanisms, useful in many different situations and both sides have dedication. , bringing great achievements to watch technology.


Japanese watches are famous for high-tech watches at very affordable prices.

Thanks to Japanese watch manufacturers, you do not need to spend a fortune to own Chronometer precision watches with the price of hundreds of millions of Vietnamese dong to get the exact time measurement. Back with Casio electronic watches cost only a few hundred thousand.

For example, at this price we can own the watches with Eco-drive series, the line that absorbs light energy for the world's most advanced watch of the Japanese Citizen brand.

The same material is luxurious sapphire glass, extremely scratch-resistant, hardness is only inferior to diamond, as well as Supper Titanium material is 5 times stronger than steel and 50% lighter than steel that a watch in these It is difficult for other Swiss watch companies to have price below 9 million.