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How to take care of your watch?

Do you know the life span of a watch can vary a lot by the way the owner preserve it? Read this article to make sure you know the way to keep your timepiece in good condition for a long time.

Use it the right way

1. Wind your watch correctly

If you are using a Mechanical watch, it is necessary to learn how to wind your watch properly. But first, how to tell apart Quartz watch (battery-powered) and Mechanical watch at a glance? Well, it is quite simple. The second had of the Quartz watch moves once per second whereas that of the Mechanical watch moves quite smoothly. Remember to wind the stem delicately until you feel resistance and try not to over-wind your watch.

2. Adjust the Date and Time exactly

It is highly recommend that you adjust the time clockwise. Though you may need to do it counterclockwise sometimes when you over-wind, winding the stem back and forth many times is clearly not something good to do with your watch.

3. Understand the water resistance level

You can check the water resistance level on the back of your watch. Look at the chart below to make sure that you keep your watch safe and take it off before doing something above its water resistance level.

4. Put your watch in a suitable place

You do not always wear your watch, so when you don't, leave it carefully on a suitable surface. Remember to keep it away from extreme temperature, strong smell and electronic devices such as fridge, computer, speaker.

Maintain it appropriately

1. Clean your watch regularly and rightly

After a certain period of time, dust and sweat make your watch lose its orignal beauty. The right way of cleaning depends on the material. Take the advice from watch experts to learn the proper method.

2. Maintain the mechanism

The mechanism is the heart of your watch. When it seems not working well, do not try to fix it by yourself unless you are an expert. Bring it to the maintenance services when it's time.

A watch is a good friend who always reminds you of the importance of time. Read more articles on AzWatch blog if you want to know more about your friend!